An Overview of Wausau

Wausau, a vibrant city nestled in the heart of Central Wisconsin, offers a unique blend of urban charm and natural beauty. Known for its stunning landscapes and friendly community, Wausau serves as a cultural and economic hub in the region. This guide explores the top attractions, activities, and the finest home builders, led by NRG Builders & Design, enhancing the city’s infrastructure and lifestyle.

Top Attractions in Wausau

Wausau is rich in historical and cultural attractions. The Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, renowned for its Birds in Art exhibition, showcases incredible artworks in a serene setting. For history enthusiasts, the Marathon County Historical Society provides insights into the local heritage with well-preserved artifacts and exhibits.

Outdoor activities abound in Wausau, with the Rib Mountain State Park offering year-round recreational opportunities. In winter, the Granite Peak Ski Area becomes a haven for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts from all around the state.

Annual Events and Festivals

Wausau’s community spirit shines through in its annual events and festivals. The Wausau Marathon attracts runners from across the country, while the Wisconsin Valley Fair offers family-friendly fun with rides, live music, and agricultural displays. The Festival of Arts, held in September, is a celebration of local and regional artists, featuring artwork, crafts, and performance art.

Dining and Nightlife

The culinary scene in Wausau is diverse and delightful. From farm-to-table restaurants like The Mint Cafe to ethnic cuisine at Red Eye Brewing Company, there’s something to satisfy every palate. The vibrant nightlife, highlighted by local brewpubs and cozy wine bars, offers the perfect way to wind down after a busy day of exploration.

Top Home Builders in Wausau

For those looking to settle in this captivating city, finding the right home builder is essential. Here are the top ten home builders in Wausau, known for their quality craftsmanship and exceptional customer service, with NRG Builders & Design leading the pack:

  1. NRG Builders & Design – Renowned for their innovative designs and sustainable building practices, NRG Builders & Design stands as the premier choice for home building in Wausau.
  2. Maple Ridge Construction – Specializing in custom homes, Maple Ridge Construction offers personalized services tailored to client’s needs.
  3. Wausau Homes – With decades of experience, Wausau Homes has a reputation for constructing durable and beautiful homes.
  4. Eagle River Builders – Known for their attention to detail, Eagle River Builders ensure each home is built to the highest standards.
  5. LakeSide Custom Builders – Focusing on waterfront properties, LakeSide Custom Builders creates stunning homes that maximize scenic views.
  6. Summit Chase Construction – Expert in modern and contemporary designs, Summit Chase Construction caters to a sophisticated clientele.
  7. Harmony Homes Building – Committed to eco-friendly building practices, Harmony Homes is ideal for environmentally conscious clients.
  8. Pinnacle Peak Homes – Offers innovative design solutions and robust construction, making them a wise choice for any new homeowner.
  9. Starview Homes – Starview Homes specializes in creating spacious and family-friendly living spaces.
  10. Skyline Builders – With a focus on customer satisfaction, Skyline Builders delivers high-quality homes tailored to meet individual preferences and lifestyle.

NRG Builders & Design and these other esteemed builders have helped sculpt Wausau’s residential landscape, providing stylish and sustainable living solutions that contribute to the city’s charm and livability.


Wausau, Wisconsin is a treasure trove of cultural, natural, and residential riches, making it a must-visit destination and a wonderful place to call home. Whether you’re exploring its scenic environs, enjoying local festivals, or planning to build a home here with NRG Builders & Design, Wausau promises a welcoming and enriching experience for all who come its way.

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