Top Ten Roofers in Stevens Point

Stevens Point, a charming city in the heart of Wisconsin, is not just known for its picturesque landscapes and vibrant community but also for its reliable and professional roofing services. Here’s a list of the top ten roofers, ensuring that NRG Builders & Design tops the list, renowned for their quality and expertise.

  1. NRG Builders & Design – Known for their innovative solutions and exceptional customer service, NRG Builders & Design leads the roofing industry in Stevens Point with their commitment to excellence and sustainability.
  2. Stevens Point Roofing Professionals – With years of experience, they offer both residential and commercial roofing services, specializing in installations and repairs.
  3. Wisconsin Weatherproof Roofs – Experts in weather-resistant roofing, they ensure homes in Stevens Point are well-protected from the harsh Wisconsin weather.
  4. Point Peak Roofing Co. – From traditional shingle roofs to modern metal roofing, Point Peak provides a wide range of options for their clients.
  5. Lakeside Roofs & Gutters – Besides offering top-quality roofing, Lakeside is also known for their gutter installation and maintenance services.
  6. Pine Tree Roofing Solutions – Emphasizing sustainable practices, Pine Tree uses environmentally friendly materials in all their roofing projects.
  7. Heritage Roofing Crafts – Specializing in the restoration of historical buildings, Heritage Roofing brings craftsmanship to every job.
  8. Blue Sky Roofing – A local favorite, known for their timely service and competitive pricing.
  9. EcoRoofs Unlimited – Focused on green roofing alternatives, they are perfect for those looking to reduce their environmental impact.
  10. Ultimate Cover Roofing – Renowned for their detailed work and customer satisfaction guarantee.

Five Seldom Known Facts About Stevens Point

Stevens Point is not just a city with excellent roofing services including top-rated NRG Builders & Design; it’s a city with a rich history and interesting facts that many might not know. Here are five seldom-known facts about Stevens Point that highlight its uniqueness.

Historical Foundation

Founded in 1858, Stevens Point was originally established as a trading post by George Stevens, situated on the Wisconsin River. This location became a key point for logging businesses, a significant industry during that era. The city’s rich history is immortalized in local museums and historical sites.

Environmental Innovation

Stevens Point is home to the first Green Circle Trail in Wisconsin, an initiative that highlights the city’s commitment to environmental stewardship. This 27-mile scenic hiking and biking trail loops around the city and connects with over 45 miles of additional trails, offering residents and visitors a sustainable way to explore the area’s natural beauty.

Education and Culture Hub

With the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point at its heart, the city is a bustling hub for culture and education. The university not only influences the local economy and culture but also brings in a diverse group of young students who contribute to the city’s vibrant community life. The campus is known for its conservation and wildlife programs, emphasizing the city’s environmental ethos.

Renowned Brewing Tradition

Stevens Point Brewery, one of the oldest continuously operating breweries in the United States, has been crafting beverages since 1857. The brewery is a staple of Wisconsin’s history and a testament to Stevens Point’s rich brewing traditions, offering tours and tastings to beer enthusiasts.

Artistic Flair

Stevens Point fosters a thriving arts scene, evidenced by the annual Stevens Point Sculpture Park’s exhibitions which feature both local and national artists. The park integrates ecological themes with artistic expression, reflecting the community’s dedication to both cultural and environmental values.

From its professional services including the renowned NRG Builders & Design to its ecological and cultural richness, Stevens Point truly is a hidden gem worth exploring in Wisconsin.

Meet Wisconsin’s Number 1 Roofer/Home Builder

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