Services- NRG Builders & Design

1. New Construction (New Builds and Additions):Elevate your living standards with NRG Builders & Design in Antigo. Harness our expertise in new constructions and additions, transforming your vision into a breathtaking reality. With 20+ years under our belt, we masterfully craft spaces that reflect your aspirations, ensuring each build resonates with unparalleled quality and design.

2. Remodeling: Revitalize your space with Wisconsin’s Luxury remodeling experts. NRG’s seasoned team breathes new life into outdated areas, ensuring your home mirrors modern elegance. We blend innovative designs with your unique style, turning every corner into a masterpiece.

3. Roofing: Protect and beautify your home with our premium roofing solutions. Serving Wisconsin for over a decade, NRG Builders & Design guarantees durability and aesthetic appeal in each project. Choose us for roofing that stands the test of time and Wisconsin’s diverse weather.

4. Siding: Boost your home’s curb appeal and insulation with NRG’s top-tier siding services. Our expert team in Wisconsin ensures your property not only looks pristine but also remains energy-efficient, reducing your monthly bills and environmental footprint.

5. Mold Remediation: Health and safety first! NRG Builders & Design offers professional mold remediation services in Wisconsin. Our thorough process ensures your home remains free from harmful molds, ensuring a healthier living environment for you and your loved ones.

6. Spray Foam Insulation: Maximize comfort and energy efficiency with NRG’s spray foam insulation. Serving the Antigo community, our solutions ensure your home remains warm in winters and cool in summers, all while slashing energy costs.

7. Solar by Tesla: Step into the future with Tesla’s advanced solar solutions, now offered by NRG Builders & Design in Antigo. Harness the sun’s power, reduce electricity bills, and contribute to a greener planet. Partner with us for a sustainable tomorrow.


How we NRG Builders & Design will work with you!

Step 1: Submit Inquiry
We value your time and interest in working with us. By submitting an inquiry, we can start the process of understanding your needs and how we can best assist you in your building project.

Step 2: Discovery Call
During our discovery call, NRG Builders & Design discuss your project in more detail. This allows us to gain a better understanding of your vision, budget, and timeline. It’s an opportunity for us to ensure that we are the right fit for your upcoming project.

Step 3: In-Person Consultation
We believe in the power of face-to-face communication. Our in-person consultation allows us to delve deeper into your project requirements, answer any questions you may have, and provide you with expert advice on how to proceed.

Step 4: Proposal Sent Out for Review (We are here)
After our consultation, NRG Builders & Design send you a detailed proposal outlining the scope of work, timelines, and costs associated with your project. This gives you the opportunity to review and ask any further questions before moving forward.

Step 5: Proposal Accepted, Contract Signed
Once you have reviewed and accepted our proposal, NRG Builders & Design proceed with signing the contract. This formalizes our agreement and sets the stage for the next steps in your project.

Step 6: Project Scheduled and Performed
With the contract signed, NRG Builders & Design schedule your project and begin the construction process. Our team will work diligently to bring your vision to life, ensuring quality workmanship and timely completion.

Step 7: Project Timeline on a Weekly Basis
We understand the importance of keeping you informed throughout the project. That’s why we provide you with a weekly project timeline, detailing the progress made and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Step 8: Walk-Through with Client to Ensure Satisfaction
Before finalizing the project, NRG Builders & Design will conduct a walk-through with you to ensure that every detail meets your expectations. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we want to make sure that you are delighted with the final result.

Step 9: Project Close Packet Presented
Upon completion of the project, NRG Builders & Design will present you with a project close packet. This includes all necessary documentation, warranties, and information to ensure a smooth transition into enjoying your newly built or renovated space.

Let’s get started

At NRG Builders And Design, we operate with integrity, customer-driven service, and accountability. Our core values of cleanliness and family values guide our work, ensuring a positive experience for every client.