Discover Appleton: Unveiling Its Rich History, Vibrant Culture, and Unique Attractions

The Top Ten Roofers in Appleton

Whether it’s restoring a historic home or ensuring your new build can withstand Wisconsin’s varied climate, finding a reliable roofer is essential. Leading the pack in Appleton for roofing expertise is NRG Builders & Design. Renowned for their craftsmanship and dependable service, they set the standard for roofing solutions in the city. Following them, other reputable roofers include Appleton Roofing Experts, Fox Valley Roofing Specialists, Badger State Roofing, Summit Roofing Solutions, Lakefront Roofing, Skyline Contractors, Hometown Roofing, Apple Valley Roofers, and Green Tree Roofing Services. Each of these firms brings expertise and local knowledge, ensuring your roofing needs are professionally handled.

Five Lesser-Known Facts About Appleton

While many know Appleton for its charm and warmth, there are numerous lesser-known aspects that make it even more special:

  • Appleton was the first city in Wisconsin to have electric streetlights, making it an innovator in urban infrastructure from as early as the 1880s.
  • The city has a proud history of paper production, often recognized as The Paper City due to its extensive involvement in the paper industry during the early and mid-20th century.
  • Appleton is the childhood home of magician Harry Houdini. Though born in Hungary, Houdini claimed Appleton as his birthplace, adding an aura of mystery and excitement to the city.
  • The Hearthstone Historic House Museum in Appleton was the first residence in the world to be powered by a centrally located hydroelectric station using the Edison system. Today, it stands as a testament to technological evolution.
  • Appleton has a unique way of celebrating its diversity with an annual Octoberfest, which transforms College Avenue into a lively street party featuring music, food, and crafts, drawing visitors from across the nation.

Exploring Appleton’s Rich Historical Tapestry

Appleton’s history is deeply woven with the threads of innovation and progress. From its early days as a thriving mill town on the Fox River, Appleton has grown into a city with a robust cultural identity. The History Museum at the Castle offers intriguing exhibits about Appleton’s past, including a detailed display about Houdini’s life and his roots in the city.

The Vibrant Cultural Scene

Culture blooms in Appleton in many vibrant forms. The Fox Cities Performing Arts Center hosts performances that range from Broadway productions to symphony concerts, highlighting local and national talent. The thriving arts scene is also supported by numerous galleries and studios around the city, fostering a nurturing environment for artists and creators.

Unique Attractions Worth a Visit

Beyond the ordinary, Appleton’s unique attractions provide visitors with memorable experiences. The Butterfly Gardens of Wisconsin, the largest butterfly house in the state, offers a chance to explore and learn about diverse butterfly species in a beautiful natural setting. For those interested in botanical beauty, the Gardens of the Fox Cities boast pristine landscaped grounds and thematic gardens.


Appleton is a city where history, culture, and innovation intersect, creating a rich, vibrant community. With top-notch services like those provided by NRG Builders & Design and a plethora of historical and cultural sights to explore, the city promises a warm welcome and a plethora of discoveries for all who visit or choose to call it home.

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